Callidus Customer and Supplier Notification | COVID-19

Callidus Customer and Supplier Notification | COVID-19

March 18 2020 | Callidus Customer and Supplier Notification

COVID-19 Management Plan

The Callidus Group of Companies’ priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and the community.

As the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, Callidus has implemented comprehensive risk and management plans in response, given the impact to people, operations and the supply chain globally.

Callidus continues to actively monitor the situation and adhere to global and local regulatory guidance. We are regularly updating our employees and educating them on COVID-19 mitigation.

As a valued customer or supplier, we want to assure you that Callidus is proactively making plans to ensure all preventative measures are taken to safeguard our employees whilst also maintaining a high level of service. Detailed below is an outline of the precautionary measures that Callidus has implemented across all operations globally.

Callidus Precautionary Measures Implemented

Effective immediately, Callidus have implemented a number of additional precautionary measures to reduce the risk of transmission to our employees and other stakeholders:


  • All non-essential domestic travel is restricted and only the CEO is authorised to approve flights
  • No international business travel to occur
  • Any business critical or essential travel is risk assessed
  • Following the latest updates from the Federal Government, all personnel returning from any international travel will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and are not permitted access to Callidus, customer or supplier premises
  • Health monitoring questionnaires of employees, contractors, suppliers and clients to Callidus sites to continue to occur

Facilities and Meetings:

  • All large gatherings and in person meetings have been postponed, unless business essential, and if so, attendees will be kept to a minimum
  • No conferences to be attended by any Callidus employee
  • Any external training requirements to be risk assessed on a case by case basis and approved by relevant General Manager
  • Any non-employee visits to Callidus premises are restricted unless deemed critical.
    – This includes clients, contractors and suppliers.
    – All business development visits from suppliers are to be postponed until further notice
  • Virtual and remote working is being implemented wherever possible, including virtual working and WebEx conferencing into client meetings. Client buildings will only be attended if business critical and only where the customer allows it
  • Increased onsite hygiene and cleaning practices have been implemented within Callidus facilities

Working Arrangements:

  • Certain employees will work from home, have shifts split or rostered or have other alternative working arrangements implemented to minimise the risk of transmission. This is being implemented on a facility, team or role basis by each manager
  • Embedded personnel to have alternate work arrangements wherever possible to reduce personnel within our customer buildings
  • Alternative routing for field crews / field service personnel where possible
  • Personnel will be set up with Callidus remote access to be able to work from home as identified

Callidus Business Priorities

In addition to the above measures specific to preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, as a business we must remain agile, flexible and prepared in what are uncertain times. Given the current market, we must set ourselves up for potential opportunities which will arise, and ensure we are well placed to be able to respond. As a result, Callidus management are implementing the following effective immediately:

  • Look for opportunities to assist customers with alternative solutions where they are affected by delays in the supply chain, such as our supply chain redirecting orders to non-impacted countries for continuity of supply
  • Clear and regular communication with customers to keep them informed of progress of all work
  • Close monitoring of orders and lead times with suppliers
  • Callidus holds critical stock for our customers’ operations and these are being reviewed daily
  • Modifications of Callidus inventory as required to suit customer requirements
  • Adherence to all customer COVID-19 requirements for premises/site entry
  • Supply chain and project delay communication on a case by case basis
  • Embedded personnel to have alternative work arrangements wherever possible to reduce personnel within customer buildings
  • Alternative routing for field crews / field service personnel where possible
  • Business continuity plans to enable support for customers from Callidus head office and remote
  • Managers will contact all customers and the focus will be on priority work dictated by the customer

To obtain the latest information on specific orders or work scopes, please contact your appointed Callidus representative.

While we find ourselves in unsettling and uncertain times, we are well placed to be able to be flexible as a business. The management team at Callidus are being diligent to ensure we are best placed to navigate our way through the current situation.

At times like these referring back to our company values and continuing to support one another is crucial. In the crazy times we are seeing in supermarkets and in the stores, we encourage everyone to remain kind to one another and those around you and assist those who may need it. Stay vigilant for your own health and safety, the health and safety of your loved ones and the health and safety of your colleagues.

Thank you for your business and your continued support.