Callidus invest in employee safety

Callidus ensures all welders and boilermakers are equipped with the best protection for their health and well being.

Approximately 28 months ago, Welding Dust and Fume was reclassified from possibly carcinogenic to a known cause of cancer. Since this time Callidus Welding Solutions has been reviewing its processes and risk mitigations to ensure the very best outcome for its number 1 asset; our people.

A series of environmental studies helped us to define the level and content of the dust and fume generated working on the materials that we specialise in. The results were very positive, showing well inside the time weighted averages allowable.

However, when dealing with Titanium there are times where extreme amounts of fume are created. During these times operators are exposed.

We looked at the level of personal protection the half and full face respirators provided and although the protection level was sufficient, it was decided that a clean shaven policy needed to be implemented in the workshop.

We discussed this with our workforce and created a working group to resolve the issues.

When all is said and done the level of protection provided by the 3M Speed glass Adflo systems is second to none and the added benefit of comfort during the summer months can not be overlooked.

The Senior Leadership Team at CWS made a decision to invest in the latest Integrated Adflo PAPR system. All of our welders and boilermakers are now equipped with the best protection for their health and well being. Investing in the safety of all employees is an investment in the future of CWS.

Thanks to 3M and Western Welding for the organising of training in use, maintenance and storage.