Specialised Valve Testing Services

Specialised valve testing in operating conditions.

Specialised valve testing in operating conditions

Callidus can perform specialised valve testing services by testing valves to a prescribed performance condition. Either in more extreme than actual service conditions, or in worst possible scenarios. Total confidence in valves can only be fully achieved by subjecting the valve to extensive product testing which truly reflects the operating conditions that the valve is likely to be exposed to during its installed life cycle.

Specialised valve testing services

  • Low temperature testing cryogenic
  • Elevated temperature testing
  • Fugitive emissions testing (FET)
  • Environmental testing
  • Non intrusive valve testing
  • Torque testing
  • Fire testing
  • Cyclic testing
  • Control valve benchmarking
  • Valve inspection – Factory Inspection Testing (FAT)
Specialised valve testing

Independent valve Inspection & Witness Test

All valve inspection and witness testing is qualified against the approved drawings, purchase order specifications, company standards, and within the practices and rules of the country, state or province and any government laws or regulations that may apply. We have experienced valve inspectors available in USA, Europe, China and Australasia regions that can be mobilised to any country.

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