Welding: how we work

Callidus Welding Solutions is a world class company delivering engineering solutions tailored to client specific erosion and corrosion challenges. This is how we work.

Callidus Welding Solutions is a world class company delivering engineering solutions tailored to client specific erosion and corrosion challenges.

Our highly trained team provides significant experience in the joining, rebuild and overlay of corrosion and wear-resistant alloys for the mineral process, power generation, marine and mining industries. We offer a range of services which are all backed up with fully integrated engineering.

Welding processes

We use established welding processes enhanced by our own improvements to accomplish complex metallurgical outcomes. We extend these processes and their application to advance our welders’ skills through training, whilst maintaining the ability to use these processes in traditional applications onsite and in the workshop. Processes include:




Cold wire


Low dilution

High Current Keyhole


Digital Pulse

Pulse in pulse

Low dilution



Digital pulse

Low dilution


High frequency

Low dilution

Weld techniques

Callidus Welding Solutions has developed a number of weld techniques to achieve the reliable application of qualified weld procedures. Welding automation is an essential part of achieving repeatability and deposition efficiency. We continually develop welding automation, semi-automation and manual methods.

Our team understands that semi-automation and manual techniques still require further development for specific site application, where restricted access has to be overcome.

Techniques include:

  • Rack & rotator using semi-automatic GTAW-P, GMAW-P and FCAW-P welding corrosion and / or wear overlays, fully automatic robotic cold wire GTAW-P, GMAW-P & FCAW-P for joining and overlays.
  • Specifically developed overlays & surface treatment for special corrosion & wear requirements.
  • Automatic weld rebuild on range of materials.
  • Manual weld rebuild on range of materials.


Callidus have collectively decades of experience working with corrosion resistant metals (CRM’s). During this time we have developed qualified welding procedures for all of the metals listed below.

Our experience has shown us that not only do we need to consider the mechanical properties of these materials but also the other properties such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance that helped the project engineers choose these materials initially.

Callidus can assist you to define all of these parameters so that the weld repair is not only strong enough but also goes the distance in service from a wear and corrosion perspective.

Weld maintenance

Callidus Welding Solutions are specialists in maintenance welding. Many of our procedures have been developed from welding ex-service materials subjected to stress, corrosion and other factors.

The Callidus team has developed innovative procedures to address the particular needs of the HPAL (High Pressure Acid Leach) industry. We specialise in surface hardening titanium alloys, joining explosion bonded cladding, low dilution overlays onto super duplex and application of nigh nickel alloys in critical service areas.

Callidus Welding Solutions offer a specialised welding maintenance team, covering on-site breakdowns and shutdown work, Our team is highly experienced and qualified for welding the most stringent materials.

Developed over many years, our welding approach is equally effective in our workshops or on site and is designed to minimise down time.