Environmental and cost savings by leak detection quantification

Callidus' leak detection quantification service provides LNG client cost savings of 386,280 AUD per day.

Callidus recently helped a client in the LNG industry with leak detection quantification and repair at one of their control valves. Callidus’ service ensured a cost saving of 386,380 AUD per day and prevented any further environmental damage.

The problem

Our client was concerned about one of their control valves not closing and suspected a significant leakage past the seat and plug. Our onsite valve specialist was called to assess the issue and was able to quantify the seat leakage rate using Callidus acoustic leak detection equipment. The leakage rate was calculated to be 2,064 liters per minute and was raised as a concern given the significant volume of process gas passing to flare.

The approach

By leak detection quantification, Callidus enabled the client to justify the repair providing that Callidus were able to remedy the fault using the existing valve trim and with the spare parts available from the customer. An assessment was carried out by our customers’ operations team with the assistance of our onsite valve specialist to review alternative process routes to confirm the control valve could be isolated and removed for repairs.

The solution

Callidus accepted the removed valve into their local facility workshop in the Northern Territory and were able to remedy the issue within the control valve. During the repairs to the control valve, it was identified that the cause of the valve failing to close was due to contaminants being lodged within the cage of the control valve. The contaminants had also caused some damage.

Through careful assessment and collaboration with the Callidus site specialist and the customer, our local facility were able to machine repair trim components and overhaul and NATA re-certify the clients’ control valve as per the industry and customer specifications.

The outcome

Thanks to the collaborative effort of our site-based valve specialist, our engineering support team, and our local facility workshop, the time frame required by the customer was met. Within two days, Callidus was able to validate the fault, quantify the leakage rate, repair the valve, and NATA re-certify the valve.

It has been calculated that this repair has provided a cost savings to the customer of A$ 386,380 per day by preventing loss of production. With the repair, it has also eliminated unnecessary emissions to atmosphere.

Due to the success of this repair our client is now looking at other valves showing similar symptoms and exploring the possibility of repairs to these while online using isolations. Callidus onsite valve specialist is actively assisting with these and other enquiries as it showed further cost savings and emission reductions are achievable through this successful trial repair of this control valve.


If you suspect that you have faulty/leaking valves and you are interested in exploring acoustic leak detection further than please contact Renee Chappell.