First onsite valve survey campaign utilising drones

Callidus premiered utilising drones in an onsite valve survey campaign for a client in the Oil and Gas sector.

Drone Valve Survey

Callidus premiered its investment into remote inspection, utilising drones in an onsite valve survey campaign for a client in the Oil and Gas sector. The mission proved to be successful in improving risk management, through the elimination of hazards associated with working at heights and in confined spaces, while optimising resource efficiency and productivity for both Callidus and the client.


The innovative approach came together in conjunction with Drone Hire Adelaide and helped the team safely and effectively survey over 200 valves, with high resolution imagery and geotagging.  This survey assisted with establishing a baseline from which artificial intelligence can be incorporated to facilitate accurate time-lapsed condition assessment of plant and automated drone mission deployment in the future.

Innovation milestone

“At Callidus we are always looking to improve our services and to utilise the latest technologies in our offerings. The use of drones, artificial intelligence models for condition monitoring and fugitive emissions surveillance have been initiatives borne through our company innovation days and are now coming to fruition through the creativity and hard work of our team. Utilising drones on one of our key customers sites for valve surveys is a key milestone in what will be significant gains for both Callidus and our customers.” says Renee Chappell, General Manager Australia at Callidus Process Solutions.

Rigorous risk management planning was undertaken and safety management protocols implemented that satisfied the requirements of both client and aviation authorities.  Several trial runs were undertaken, prior to mobilising to site and on first arriving on site, to validate the mission would be safe and valuable.

Drone Valve Survey

Efficient asset management solution

The result ticked all the boxes for Callidus and the client. “The drone technology helped us with clear video footage, still photos and thermal photos, to get an understanding of the existing condition of installed valves. Some assets present difficult challenges to perform close visual inspection due to their location and accessibility. The use of the drone helped in overcoming these challenges, resulting in a safer, easier, and more time efficient campaign without a loss of quality in the assessment.”

With the positive outcome and valuable experience gained, Callidus is looking forward to leverage off the latest developments in technology for future surveys to provide its clients with the best and most efficient asset management solutions.