“CWS has given me an apprenticeship to remember.”

Clarisse shares her experience of finishing up her 5 year apprenticeship before continuing her career at CWS this October.

Clarisse is due to finish up her 5 year apprenticeship before continuing her career with Welding Solutions this October. Time to ask Clarisse how she found her time with the company so far and what her experience was like over the duration of her apprenticeship.

“Time has definitely flown whilst working here at CWS, almost 5 years at this company and definitely many memories made. I was very nervous to start at this company – originally being the only female on the shop floor and also being a young apprentice. That didn’t last very long as I was welcomed with open arms by all of the employees at CWS and started to feel more comfortable and confident in myself as time went on.”

“I have learned many things, gone to a few new places/sites, met a lot of new people, and gained heaps of knowledge and skills which is only the start of it all.”

“I would have to say my favourite thing about my apprenticeship at Callidus would have to be the experience and knowledge I have gained from the amazing tradesmen on the floor. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be the (soon to be) tradesperson I am today. They have helped me physically, mentally and emotionally get through my apprenticeship with an unlimited amount of support and faith in me. No matter where I go from here I will always remember it for years to come.”

In the future I see myself taking on a leadership role of my own or eventually becoming a lecturer to teach the apprentices in the future, so we can spread diversity and equality in the trade and make everyone feel welcome no matter the gender.

“CWS has definitely given me an apprenticeship to remember and I will always be grateful for the opportunity I was given and look forward to the future!”